Promposals Resume Despite Unconventional Circumstances

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Each year, as prom approaches, upperclassmen become creative in carefully crafting promposals. This year was no exception, as seniors rushed to think of creative ways to ask their friends or significant others to the last-minute event.

Coupe’s promposal, a decorated poster.

Molly Medin, a senior who was asked to prom by her boyfriend explained, “I think this year especially, with the loss of so many other senior traditions, promposals were a fun way to spice things up. Prom was so much fun, and I was glad that it could still happen this year.” Medin’s date, Max Coupe, plays baseball and decorated a poster, reading, ‘You would be the greatest catch of my career if you would go to prom with me.’

Another couple, seniors Mara Pecson and Leo Monier, who have been dating for a year and nine months, went to prom together. Monier’s promposal reflected a joke between the couple, and read ‘I Don’t Know Actors, but I do Know I Want you to Be My Date to Prom.’ The poster came alongside a bouquet of sunflowers. Monier explained the significance of the poster’s message: “I am by far the worst at remembering actors’ names, even if it’s the most well-known actor or actress. It’s an inside joke for Mara and me, as Mara will always make fun of me for not remembering celebrity names.” Monier added that “Mara was very surprised,” and explained that Pecson’s little sister Adie helped set up the promposal.

Pecson and Monier smile together following a promposal.

Promposals were not, however, limited to significant others, as Senior Melanie Voss surprised her best friend, Stella Kaval, with a poster and smoothie. Voss surprised her friend with a “Mango-A-Go-Go” smoothie from Jamba Juice, Kaval’s favorite beverage. On poster paper, Voss wrote, ‘Stell, Will you Mango-A-Go-Go to Prom With Me?’

Voss said, “I asked my best friend to prom because COVID-19 circumstances unfortunately made it so that she couldn’t go with her boyfriend, who doesn’t go to M-A. I wanted to surprise her with something cute and fun.”

Kaval and Voss hold the decorated sign, and smoothie, that were used in the promposal.

Even amid a pandemic and untraditional prom, seniors were able to keep promposals, a classic upperclassmen tradition alive, with promposal ideas more creative than ever.

Brynn Baker is a senior and a third-year journalist with the Chronicle. She looks forward to covering issues that are relevant to both her local community as well as the larger, national scale.

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