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Recipe: Baked Apple Roses

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This seasonal dessert is a combination of sweet juicy apples and a few spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Baked apple roses are perfect for the celebrating the month of November and getting ready for Thanksgiving.

– 3 red apples (recipe makes 6 baked roses)
– 2 cups of room temperature water
– juice from ½ of a lemon
– 3 tsb of apricot preserves
– 2 tsp of water
– 1 sheet of puff pastry
– cinnamon for dusting

1. Cut each apple in half and remove the core.

2. Place the flat part of apple face down and slice thin even slices of the apple crosswise.

3. Place the water and lemon juice in a bowl and stir until mixed thoroughly.

4. Put the apple slices in the water and lemon juice bowl and put in microwave for 3 minutes.

5. While the apples are in the microwave, mix the water and apricot preserves together until properly mixed.

6. Roll out the sheet of puff pastry and cut vertically to make 5 long rectangles.

7. Take apples out of microwave and remove the water from the apples.

8. Place one strip of the puff pastry in a plate and pour about a teaspoon of the apricot and water mixture on the strip of pastry.

9. Then place one apple on the end of the strip with the curve of the apple halfway off the strip.

10. Continue to place the apples in this order and fold the bottom strip of the pastry on top of the apples.

11. Once done, roll the end of the strip in a circle until rolled in a circle and is in the shape of a rose.

12. Place the rose in a cupcake pan and lightly sprinkle cinnamon on the rose.

13. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Let cool and enjoy!

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