Rodney King’s Lawyer to Represent M-A Student

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Photo courtesy of John Burris

The family of the M-A student recently pinned down by Atherton police has retained John Burris, of Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry, & Lacy, as their attorney.

Burris is a renowned civil rights attorney who focuses on police brutality. He was the lead attorney in the infamous 1991 Rodney King civil rights lawsuit, where King won $3.8 million from the Los Angeles Police Department after King was beaten severely by the LAPD. Burris’ other cases include the famous Oakland Riders case, which settled for $11 million from the Oakland Police Department after a group of Oakland police officers was indicted with a myriad of charges including filing false reports, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon. 

According to private investigator Dan Molieri, “Burris is 1000% the lawyer for the student.” Burris confirmed that he has taken the case, but has not filed a lawsuit or taken legal action against the Atherton Police Department. Burris’ PR office had no comment on the incident.

Isabel Norman is a senior and in her first year of journalism. She is particularly interested in writing about systemic issues at M-A and the Bears community. In her free time, you can find her at the beach, on a hike, or otherwise in nature.


  1. i’m also on disability I have 17 false arrest charges on a clean slate program with the public defenders and I’m not doing I notified judge T Penitas 10 5150s every six years been pulled over 20 times at gunpoint one in Oakdale California with a witness that was in the vehicle at the time my phone number is 20968 440 874 child involved 2.5 month old infant on life-support was illegally detained for one hour traffic stop underlie three conditions by PHMD at Stanford Palo Alto hospital I have documents

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