Seniors Celebrate Grad Night at Beach Boardwalk

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On Friday, June 7, the class of 2024 went to celebrate their last day together. They gathered at the gym at sunset to check in for the surprise adventure and enjoyed a variety of snacks provided by the PTA.

Seniors arrived at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk after a quick bus ride through the mountains. They enjoyed two hours of unlimited rides, henna, and any snacks they could grab from various stalls up and down the boardwalk.

Seniors enjoyed rides like the iconic Giant Dipper––which just recently celebrated its 100th anniversary––as well as the Ferris wheel, where they could see stunning views of the beach and boardwalk from the top.

“I enjoyed grad night being at the boardwalk over a place like Great America,” said senior J Mandelstam. “It felt more inclusive, especially for those who aren’t fans of rollercoasters, because there are also mellower rides and games.”

As the rides began to close down at midnight, students weren’t left bored. A live DJ played in the central plaza, and “Midnight Munchies,” a variety of comfort food, from chicken tenders to mini corn dogs, were served outside the arcade. A caricature stand opened, and students could eat at fire pits looking out at the ocean.

Students continued to crowd the Fright Walk, laser tag, and an arcade filled with free games during the last hours of the night. As 2:00 a.m. approached, seniors, exhausted from the fun, began boarding the buses to go back home. 

“It was really nice to be able to walk around with everyone one last time,” said senior Joseph Salceda. “We might not all see each other for a while, so it was a great way to end the year.”

Logan is a senior at M-A. This is their first year in journalism, and he hopes to write about art and music, as well as a variety of other topics, in the school and surrounding community. In his free time, they enjoy playing drums, art, and reading.

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