Seniors Enjoy Final Lunch Together Before Graduation

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On Thursday, M-A’s seniors packed the New Gym before their graduation to eat lunch with their friends at school one final time. The students enjoyed a buffet of sweets and other foods as they reminisced about their time at M-A, getting ready to move on to their next chapter of life.

Hundreds of seniors packed the New Gym and filled their plates with a variety of snacks, such as pizza, donuts, and cupcakes while friend groups gathered together one last time.

Over the past four years, students have made a lot of memories at M-A, and now it’s time to reflect on them. Senior Katie Molina Valiente said, “Most of all, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, especially on AVID field trips to different colleges, which were really fun.”

Senior Abigail Garcia said, “My favorite memories have always been the football games. They are really cool, especially seeing everyone come together and show pride for the school and the team was really nice.” 

Senior Carley Gracia added, “I had a lot of fun going to all the big events at M-A, like the sports games, the dances, and prom. I also look back on my time in M-A’s Leadership program fondly.”

Tomorrow morning, the seniors will celebrate their final moment together at graduation. 

Gracia said, “I’m excited but also sad, mainly because I’m leaving my friends, who mean a lot to me.” 

Valiente said, “I think I’m pretty prepared to graduate, but overall it’s a really bittersweet moment. I’m also really excited to get out of high school.”

Garcia said, “It’s very nerve-wracking because you’re saying goodbye to an era that lasted four years. That’s both bad and good because we’re going to move on to better things.”

Jace is a sophomore, and this is her first year in journalism. She hopes to write about local issues that impact M-A students and beyond to provide insight on ways we can improve as a school and community together. In her free time, she reads a variety of articles relating to local, national, and international news.

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