Sports Superstitions

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Illustrated by Olivia Hom

Whether it’s a pair of lucky socks or a special meal before each game, many M-A athletes have specific rituals and superstitions to help them play their best…

Devin Hyde (sophomore): Football

“I always have to hit the left door with my hand when we’re coming out of our locker room. It started last year because everyone always hits the top of the door frame, but for some reason I just liked hitting the door. Consistency and habits are what keeps you motivated.”

Soane Faasolo (senior): Football

Shea Dekshenieks (junior): Lacrosse

“My shoes have two different colored shoe laces. After I’ve put my shoes on, I have to untie and retie the shoe with pink shoe laces.”

Casey Watkins (sophomore): Water Polo

“I have a stretching routine I like to do, which I have done before every sporting event since I first learned it in sixth grade. I have a few lucky speedos, one of which is a hand-me-down for the third generation. Also, I always tie my teammate Dylan Scirpo’s cap for him before every game. We believe this is a good luck charm, and next year he is going to tie my caps.”

Kam Hawkins (senior): Football

“I eat Skittles during every game. I just like them because they’re tasty. I put them into part of my sock by my knee and then open them and eat them on the sideline throughout the game or during warmups.”

Aria Sokol (Junior): Volleyball

I always say ‘all day miss Ryan’ in my head when my teammate, Anna Ryan, serves. I also have a very specific serving routine that I have to do every time. I will actually miss it if I mess up the routine. My pre-serve routine is to double-bounce the ball three times and then spin and bounce it twice. I have to start it over if the ref messes me up.”

Johno Price (senior): Football

“Before every game, I eat Welch’s fruit snacks. I think they help me play better.”

Emily Buck is a senior at M-A and Editor-in-Chief. She enjoys writing about events happening at M-A, sports, as well as issues in the surrounding community. In her free time, Emily likes traveling, drawing, and biking.

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