Springing into Summer: Students Rejoice in Feel Good Friday Activities

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Last Friday, M-A students soaked up the warm sun as they enjoyed a long Feel Good Friday lunch and the spring-semester carnival. From ice cream on the blacktop to a splash zone on the Green, this lunch made it known that—as sophomore Carey Wolf put it— “it is summer at last.”

One of the major attractions of the lunch period was the Soak-a-Senior station. For just two dollars, you could dump a bucket of cold water on a senior of your choosing. All proceeds went to the Never Give Up Foundation in honor of the Lucy Run, which took place the following Saturday. This spectacle gathered a large crowd on the Green.

While watching the splash zone, students could enjoy some treats from the Sweet Tooth Shop and sample their delicious flan. Also on the Green was the popular flower station, where Bears carefully compiled rose bouquets with their friends.

The blacktop hosted many popular attractions. A long line formed in front of the ice cream truck, where sweltering Bears found refreshing, frozen snacks. In front of the upper turf field, many competitive games of pickleball and cornhole raged on. “I’m just glad that I could show off my cornhole prowess,” said senior John Diepenbrock after his 21-14 victory. Right next to the courts, many students enjoyed the Feel Good Friday staple of fresh carrots and cucumbers from Service Learning Center advisor Andrew Stuart’s VW camper van.

Ultimately, M-A students rejoiced in the summer vibes as they took advantage of the Feel Good Friday festivities. “It was a lovely, lovely lunch period,” said Wolf.

Peter is a senior at M-A and is in his first year in journalism. He enjoys covering community and school issues as well as school sports events.

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