Students’ Favorite Concert Venues

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Just like music tastes, favorite concert venues vary drastically from student to student. From small artists in intimate theaters to mainstream artists in vast stadiums, M-A students shared their favorite venues in the Bay to see live music.

The Warfield

Junior Ryan Dyer saw Joji at The Warfield in San Francisco and loved the venue. “The venue was medium-sized and the view from my seat was great. I don’t know if he could see me, but I could see him.” He explained how he enjoyed the indoor aspect of the theater, “It was more intimate compared to larger outdoor stadiums where it’s hard to see anything.” Dyer added, “I often find that music at a concert can teeter between too loud and just right, but the audio balance and quality throughout the show was fantastic.”

The Fillmore

“It’s so much easier to get tickets to concerts at bigger venues, so smaller venues feel sweeter and more intimate since everyone is a big fan,” said sophomore Jocelyn Chang. Recently, Chang attended Laufey’s Bewitched Tour at The Fillmore in San Francisco and loved the audience’s energy. Chang said, “My view was pretty good and the sound and lighting effects were perfect. Even though it was a smaller venue, the parking was still very difficult since we didn’t arrive multiple hours before the show.”

Levi’s Stadium and Fox Theater

Freshman Ivy Watrous recently attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. “The venue was huge, and the sound was so loud and clear. It was cool to get the benefits of being outdoors, like watching the sunset and fireworks from the stadium,” she said.  Despite having to wait in the merchandise line for five hours, Watrous said, “I have really good memories of waiting in line because I made so many friends, traded so many bracelets, and got really cute pictures.” Since the venue hosts so many people, parking was difficult. Her family parked at a restaurant a mile away to avoid the crowd and fees.

Watrous compared her experience at Levi’s to those at smaller-venues, like when she saw Lizzy McAlpine at the Fox Theater in Oakland. “One downside to the smaller venue was that I was more worried about my presence since there were less people. I tried not to be too loud so I wouldn’t disturb the people next to me.” She added, “Bigger venues make me feel more connected to myself and fans, while smaller venues make me feel more connected to the artist.”

Chase Center

Sophomore Zara Parekh saw Doja Cat at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Halloween. Parekh said, “I like bigger venues because they feel more hyped up. Even if you’re far away, the big screens make it feel like you’re up close.”

Amari Witt is a sophomore at M-A and this is her first year in journalism. She has written many music stories and hopes to write more event stories. In her free time she likes to perform with M-A Drama and she loves being with her friends.

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