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Depop is a platform that connects fashion enthusiasts—and people who just want to clean their closets—from all over the world. Sellers on the site offer a wide range of unique items, letting users express their individual styles. It is also an eco-friendly way to revive or get rid of old items that one doesn’t use anymore. This week, I asked a few M-A students who sell on Depop what they like about the platform. 

Sophomore Kealy Bryman advertises her ​​Depop on her TikTok fashion account, where she posts hauls of thrifted clothes. This steers viewers towards her Depop account, which she has been running for a few months. “I sell on Depop because I think it’s a great way to declutter and give away items that others will enjoy more than myself,” said Bryman. “It is also very eco-friendly, and I also can make a little money along with it.” In addition to selling, Bryman also loves to buy clothes on Depop. She described her love for second-hand shoes and clothes, explaining how when she finds an item online that she likes, she will search Depop to see if they have the product for less money. 

Sophomore Evan Yang said, “I sell my old clothes that are sitting in my locker, gifted clothes that aren’t my style, or vintage items I find in thrift stores.” Through selling on Depop, Yang has made over $600. In order to get around Depop fees, Yang sometimes uses his account to market his items, and then actually sells them off of the platform. “I sell clothes mostly to make money, but also to get rid of old clothes so they don’t take up space in my room.” 

Junior Paige Nelson enjoys selling clothes she doesn’t wear frequently. She explained, “Depending on how used the clothes are, I make more money. If they are very used, I usually make between $10-20. If they are more on the new side, I’ll make around $25-40.” She sells a few items per month and uses the money to buy clothes she will actually wear.

Sophomore Elise Koo sells a variety of items on Depop. “I don’t just sell clothes on Depop. Sometimes I sell unopened makeup or accessories like sunglasses. I sell because a lot of the time I have unused stuff that I know I’m never going to use, so I’d rather get some money out of it.” Koo walked me through her tactic for selling products, explaining, “I usually sell things for half or two-thirds of the price. So, if it’s $50 originally, I’ll sell it for $30. However, the app takes about a 10% fee off each sale, so I would only get $27.” 

Freshman Gracie Johnson enjoys selling her old sneakers and heels. She said, “Clearing out my shoes creates so much more space in my closet. I also have a lot of old clothes that don’t fit me anymore, and I make a lot of money off of them too.” Johnson made $200 last month and plans to continue selling shoes and clothes in the future. 

Creating a Depop account is not only a great way to declutter in an eco-friendly way, but it’s also a super convenient way to make some extra cash by selling your old items!

Avery is a senior in her first year of writing for the Chronicle. She seeks out stories that highlight student life on campus and runs the Galles Guide. In her free time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, often at the beach!

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