Style Watch: Hottest Trends at M-A

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While M-A is certainly a hub of unique styles, it is safe to say that students also take part in their fair share of trends. Capturing inspiration everywhere from TikTok to Instagram to Pinterest, you’ll see parallels in students’ outfits across campus. The trend cycle moves quickly, so here’s a glimpse into the hottest of October ‘23.

Stanley Cups

The Hydro Flask craze of 2019 has resurfaced, this time in the form of Stanley Cups. These 40-ounce tumblers went from hiker-chic to being the most coveted accessory of the year. Look at any M-A lunch table to see an array of these pastel cups on display. Junior Ava Chansari said, “My Stanley is basically my best friend. I take her everywhere I go!” If you’re in need of a companion, a Stanley Cup might just be your best option.

Adidas Everything

Adidas Superstars took the world by storm in 2016. The Samba, its 2023 counterpart, had the same effect, sported by celebrities and teenagers alike. Pride Hall is full of students walking to class in these three-striped shoes, coming in countless colorways. Junior Ayla Karadogan is pictured in the classic black and white colorway. Karadogan said, “I would say that my style inspiration comes from European street style, especially my shoes, because all my cousins in Spain wear them.” Sambas are clearly a phenomenon at M-A and globally.


The infamous shoes that rose to fame in the 70’s resurged in popularity in 2019 and have kept a strong hold on our closets. Birkenstocks, the perfect clash between comfort and style, are a favorite for M-A students. These sandals are easy to slip on and are incredibly versatile. Many also choose to sport the Boston clogs, a model of Birkenstocks that have been popular for decades and began trending online in 2023. Pictured above, junior Tatiola Sobomehin sticks to a more classic pair, which she styles with her favorite printed socks. Sobomehin said, “My Birkenstocks are always lying by the front door and are something I can quickly throw on every morning, regardless of what I’m wearing.”

Soccer Jerseys

Following the 2022 World Cup, soccer jerseys have become fashionable. It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard fan, lifelong player, or just like the look—the jerseys don’t discriminate. Recently, style icons like Bella Hadid and Justin Bieber have been pictured roaming the streets of Manhattan in vintage soccer jerseys paired with casual jeans or sweatpants, an accessible and easy outfit many M-A students have put together themselves. Sophomore Alborz Rezvanimoghaddam is seen sporting the merchandise of his favorite team, Real Madrid.

Statement Headphones

Headphones have always been used for more than just listening to music. Sophomore Richie Dunn said, “I love my headphones cause I can tune everybody out, and also because they look cool with outfits.” Used to accessorize, students can be seen all across campus matching fun and colorful headphones to their outfits. Ranging anywhere from Apple’s sleek AirPod Maxes to a simple pair off Amazon, these are definitely a staple accessory of 2023.


Basic, comfortable, and trendy. Essentials is the affordable sister label to luxury streetwear brand Fear of God, and they come in first place for most popular hoodie of the year. These neutral-toned tracksuits are a staple of many M-A students’ closets. Senior Alexis Escobar and junior Shayla Carneiro are pictured in twinning black Essentials sweatshirts. Escobar said, “Essentials is the best hoodie brand.”


Whether you love them or hate them, it’s undeniable that Crocs are everywhere. These slides can be personalized to fit your every want, with an endless amount of colors, patterns, and Jibbitz–charms to attach to the holes–available for purchase. Many students choose to secure their Crocs around their ankles in what is known as “sports mode,” in order to get through the busy school day. Sophomore Chionna Mems matched her bright green slippers to the green on her sweatshirt, and said, “My Crocs go with everything!”

Huraman is a junior at M-A and in her first year of journalism. She is excited to write opinion pieces and try her hand at style watch. In her spare time, she enjoys playing lacrosse, traveling, and reading.

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