Style Watch: Team Sweats

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As M-A sports return and the weather gets colder, sweatpants are back in style. Starting last year, multiple sports teams at M-A have started making team sweatpants to help get through the cold at games, weekly practices, and school.

The cross-country team greatly influenced this trend. Senior Sofia Melani, the creator of the team’s sweatpants, said, “I realized that we should make cross-country sweatpants when I borrowed [M-A alumni] Chloe Pilette’s sweatpants before a race. After that, we sat together, played around with some designs, and made the sweatpants.”

She added, “I think it’s super cool that other people like the design and are using it for their own teams. But, I was also hoping that the sweatpants would just be a cross-country thing because we don’t have much to represent our team.” 

M-A volleyball followed the trend shortly after, Jocelyn Chang, the creator of the volleyball team sweatpants, said, “Our inspiration for these sweatpants definitely came from the track team. There’s a girl on our team who has siblings on track, and when she told us about the sweatpants, we really liked their  design.” Chang added, “I decided to change the sweatpants up a bit because I didn’t want to copy their design. I changed the front logo to a volleyball and only included one paw print on the back instead of two.” 

The water polo team also joined in this year, and the sweatpants have been a hit. Sophomore water polo player Sabine Polly said, “I love the sweatpants. They are so comfortable, and almost every day after school, I go home and change into them right away. I wish that the paw prints on the back weren’t so close together though. They are also a little bit too high up on the back of the sweatpants, but I love them regardless.”

Junior Lilah Chen was very excited to receive her dance team sweatpants. She said, “They are so cute and so comfortable. I absolutely love that we get to keep the sweatpants as I will be able to remember the good times I had with them.” She added, “I like how the sweatpants are flared, but they are very long which is something that could be worked on.” She said, “I wear the sweatpants at home while I’m doing homework and other things.” 

It’s safe to say that team sweatpants at M-A are very popular, as students love to represent their sports teams around campus with this piece of merchandise.

Micaela is a sophomore at M-A. This is her first year in journalism, and she is excited to write about different issues and events at M-A. In her free time, she likes to dance and spend time with friends and family.

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