Summer Stories: What Did Bears Do Over Break?

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M-A is back in school after nine wonderful weeks of summer vacation. Read about what these Bears got up to over the break!

Maya Earley – Freshman

“I went to Barcelona and Valencia. In Barcelona, I tried lots of new foods and stuff which is really cool, and then in Valencia we went to a few museums and then we went on cable cars and stuff around the city. I’m taking Spanish this year, so it was cool being immersed in a Spanish-speaking country.”



Siboney Lynch – Sophomore

“I was a lifeguard. It was a lot of fun to meet new people and it was definitely a new experience because I hadn’t really had a real job before that, but it was also kinda scary because people’s lives were in my control.



Matilda Kratz – Junior

“I went to Germany for two weeks in the beginning to visit my family. For the second half, I did a one-week Stanford program that was medicine/anesthesiology-based.”




Holden Thomson – Junior



“I visited family in the beginning of the summer in the states. I did a program at Stanford, a clinical anatomy program, where it’s run by a lot of interns who are in their gap year before med school and it was very fun because we got to see a lot of the Stanford equipment, you got to see actual human parts and dissect non-human parts.”



Ziomara Navarro – Senior




“I went to Yosemite. It was really nice because I had a time where I put my phone away and just took in all the scenery. It was a really nice time to stay away from social media.”

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