Team Traditions

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On the eve of every game, the boys football team enjoys a team potluck dinner in the G-wing, where they share food, crack jokes, play trivia, and discuss strategy.

Before every game, players kneel in a circle and pray. “It’s a time for the team to come together and give thanks for the chance we are given to play for our school and teammates,” said junior Xander Eschelman.

Afterward, they run through a line of high-fives from fans. Senior Khayri Jett said, “It’s a way to thank our supporters. Win or lose, they took time out of their day to be here, and we don’t take that for granted.”

Boys Lacrosse

During spring break, boys lacrosse goes on a team trip to compete against other schools, play laser tag, go to the beach, and visit colleges along the way.

“It’s a great way for the team to bond and improve,” said senior Oskar Flodh.  

Since their first trip in 2012, the team has visited Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, and more. This year, they will travel to Los Angeles.


The baseball team gets hyped up before every game with its “fidget-spinner spin” tradition.

Senior Trevor Heinz said, “We were at practice one day seeing who could jump the furthest, and, just for fun, Coop [senior Cooper Jones] started to spin as much as he could. He did it before our next game, and it stuck.”

Everyone also drinks a random energy drink from 7/11 at each game. “As you get older, it’s easy to forget that you’re playing a game and are supposed to have fun. Traditions like these remind you of that,” said junior William Roberts.

Girls basketball

Before every season, the girls basketball team holds a bouncy-house sleepover in Ayers Gym. The team plays laser tag, eats dinner, and hosts mini-games of basketball, dodgeball, and soccer. Players bring sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses and set them up around the gym. They eat breakfast together the next morning. 

“The team sleepover is a great way to bond as a team and an even better way to start the season,” said senior Janiya Moss.

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