Opinion: The North Face Jester Backpack is Overrated

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Every day, students carry binders, notebooks, food, and more items that require the space of a good-sized backpack. Standing at around $75, the infamous North Face Jester Backpack has been the “it” backpack for high schoolers across America for years, but does the quality make up for the price? M-A students say no. For $75, the Jester backpack comes with two external water bottle pockets, two separate storage compartments—one being only 8 inches long—and two aesthetic handles to provide a balanced carry. 

Sophomore Lily Steinmetz has the Jester, and said, “The straps are stiff and bruise my shoulders like a rope burn. My shoulders look like they have been sunburned even though the redness is from the tight straps.” 

Similarly to Steinmetz, Junior Citlalli Santos said,  “I got the backpack at the beginning of this year and the durability of the backpack is not too strong for the money I paid. All the elastic straps in the front of the backpack have snapped and the straps hurt my back.” 

Reviews on the backpack claim the straps to be thick and so stiff that it causes shoulders to hurt, and exposed skin to go raw. Let’s ditch the North Face Jester Backpack and use the money to buy these better, alternative backpacks.

Junior Samantha Valdez said, “I bought The North Face Jester backpack simply because everyone else had it but in actuality, it’s not that good since it doesn’t have much room. I wish I had bought a different backpack.”  

A backpack for all-day comfort: Everlane The ReNew Transit Backpack ($95 on the official Everlane Website) 

Everlane’s ReNew Transit Backpack is a conveniently designed backpack that can be suitable for office work, schoolwork, and airport days. The backpack is light and adjustable, making it perfect for students carrying their textbooks and binders for the school day. 

The backpack also has a clean and appealing aesthetic appearance, with its minimal logos and neutral colors. Their interior and exterior structure is designed for on-the-go essentials and quick access with not only an accessible front zip pocket, but a spacious main compartment with two slip pockets perfect to fit textbooks, binders, and folders. 

A backpack for sports lovers: Under Armor Hustle 5.0 ($56 at Amazon) 

Under Armour’s Hustle Backpack is a highly water and stain-resistant backpack that has adjustable and breathable shoulder straps, but it’s also perfect for basketball courts and soccer fields. Every student-athlete should have this backpack, as it offers a soft-lined laptop sleeve for schoolwork, and a large, expandable laundry and shoe pocket at the bottom for conditioning season. 

A backpack that will never grow old: JanSport Sunbreak Backpack ($29 at Amazon) 

The JanSport Backpack is a durable, lightweight, affordable, and premium backpack that is timeless. If you’re looking for all-day comfort, a long-lasting backpack, and a large main compartment with a utility pocket to help organize your items, then this backpack is for you! 

Senior Eva Grant said about her JanSport Backpack, “I’ve gotten my backpack for eight years and I love the different compartments it includes because even though I’ve had this backpack for many years, the material is still holding on and I can still utilize the spaciousness of the bag.”

Akemi is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. Her stories can range from restaurant reviews to covering events, opinions, and opportunities surrounding M-A's community. Akemi is on M-A's debate team and loves to read and catch up on current events.

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