The PAWS Tea Station: A Charming Addition To M-A’s Mental Health Resources

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With the recent unveiling of the Peace And Wellness Space (PAWS), a unique commodity has become increasingly popular. The tea station is filled with herbal teas for students needing a mid-school day pick-me-up, and has proven to be loved.

PAWS director Teshionda Nickerson said, “We had to switch from a small four-cup boiler to a commercial fifty-cup kettle, and we fill it up multiple times per day; I know that we have gone through hundreds of disposable cups as well.”

Sophomore Zoe Yob said, “The new tea center is extremely convenient because it allows students to get a drink for free rather than paying for an overpriced beverage from Starbucks, Peets, or Philz.”

To counteract seasonal sickness and the stress of finals week the PAWS center staff has provided teas like “throat coat” that claim to have the benefits of sore throat relief, immune support, decongestion, and stress relief.

Pop into the PAWS center at brunch or lunch and join a growing line of thirsty students patiently huddled around the kettle, striking up conversations and having laughs.

The tea station is one of many resources PAWS provides to help students de-stress. Sophomore Sophia Cole said, “With finals approaching, I feel a lot of stress in some of my classes. I can clear my head using the tools the PAWS center provides.”

Niklas is a sophomore at M-A. This is his first year in journalism. He hopes to write about local events and politics. In his free time, Niklas enjoys exercising and going to Coffeebar!

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