The Taylor Swift Effect

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1. It is well-known that Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. After the news came out, the sales of Kelce’s jerseys went up 400%, in addition to the sales of tickets to Chiefs games skyrocketing. Coincidence? I think not. Swift first made an appearance at the Bears vs. Chiefs game on September 24 and was shown on screen multiple times, along with a joke an announcer made after Kelce scored a touchdown about how he found a “blank space” in the field. Soon after this game, the ticket sales of the following Chiefs vs. Jets game went up by 40%, solely due to the fact that Taylor Swift’s fans (Swifties) were eager to see her. On apps such as TikTok and Instagram, mentions of Taylor Swift and football were posted not only by Swifties, but also by major sports networks such as Barstool Sports, ESPN, and the NFL. Taylor Swift and her fans have boosted the revenue of football overall, and are still not finished.

2. On February 5 at The Grammys, Trevor Noah asked Taylor Swift jokingly if her fans could lower the egg prices. The egg prices at the time had been at an all-time high and was an issue being talked about amongst many. She responded by saying that her fans could achieve anything and were capable of anything they wanted to do. This video spread throughout the internet going viral, and little did we know that the next day we would wake up to an unexpected surprise” the egg prices had gone on average from $5.43 to $2.61 in just over 24 hours. Realistically, there is no way to see if this is just correlation rather than causation, however, this is not out of the ordinary for Swifties.

3. The Golden Boy Web award is an award in soccer. This award is for the best player under 21 years of age. This is voted on by mainly fans as a poll on the internet. Alejandro Balde, a 20 year old Spanish soccer player had been shortlisted for this award. Jude Bellingham, a 20 year old English soccer player also had gotten nominated. For this year’s award, Alejandro Balde was in the lead with 43% of the votes while Jude Bellingham only had 30% of the votes. However, an old interview surfaced soon after in which Balde revealed that he did not like Taylor Swift’s music. Soon after this was discovered, the post went viral and the Swifties were all reposting this info. After just ten minutes, Jude Bellingham’s percentage of votes changed to 49.5%, leaving Balde’s votes at 27.5%. The Swifties had the power to change the outcome of this award.

4. Taylor Swift’s sold out Eras Tour concerts have been a huge hit for the music industry and are all the rage. In Seattle on July 22 and 23, her concerts caused earthquakes which were sustained throughout the concerts. The “Swift Quake” shook the ground around Seattle and could be felt outside of the stadium as well. It is unclear what specifically caused the earthquakes, however it is hypothesized that it was caused by all of the movement in the same direction due to the Swifties’ excitement.

5. An image taken at the Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs on September 24 showed Taylor Swift eating wings with an interesting combination of ketchup and “seemingly ranch” on the side. This was not clearly ranch, however it was believed to be ranch. This picture was posted on a Taylor Swift fan-page on X, formerly known as Twitter. The post blew up, and soon enough, Heinz announced that they would be releasing a limited edition 100 bottles of “Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch” sauce. The number 100 was inspired by Swift’s lucky number 13 and Kelce’s jersey number, 87. The Empire State Building also lit up for the occasion, with the colors red and white to represent the Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch duo. Hidden Valley made merchandise with “Seemingly Ranch” written on it and changed their Instagram and X account names to this as well. Many companies have taken this as a chance to boost revenue as Lays posted a fake Ranch Chip release on their platforms, as well as Sonic posting a fake No. 89 jersey, representing Swift’s 1989 album. As a whole, this unimportant picture caused a large amount of attention, just because Taylor Swift was involved.

Riya is a sophomore at M-A. She joined journalism as a chance to meet new people and write about issues that she is interested about. In her spare time, she enjoys writing songs and running with her team.

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