The Top Five Fall Themed Shows

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Whether you are in the mood for a spooky or lighthearted show, here is a list of the best shows that resonate with the fall. 

When thinking about the best shows to watch in the fall, Gilmore Girls was the first one that came to mind. The show is set in a small town called Stars Hollow, where everyone knows everyone, and follows a single mom and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. The lighthearted show explores, amongst other themes, their mother-daughter relationship as we watch Rory grow up. In Gilmore Girls, both protagonists have high expectations for themselves: Lorelai wants to open her own inn and Rory aspires to go to Harvard. All ages can watch and enjoy this show, making it a perfect family-and-friends watch.

Friday Night Lights is set in a small town in Texas called Dillon. The show follows a high school football team, the Dillon Panthers, and the lives of the players and coaches. This show combines football and the lives of the characters seamlessly. It starts off with the star quarterback on the Dillon Panthers getting a life-threatening injury and being told he will never walk again. The third-string sophomore quarterback, Matt Saracen, has to step in. The problems in the show slowly escalate creating complex lives for each character that makes the show relatable. Even if you don’t enjoy watching football, this show has enough about the lives of players to make it interesting for all.

If you’re looking for something spookier, Wednesday is the perfect fall show for you. It is a spin-off of the classic movie, The Addams Family. This show starts off with Wednesday Addams, the daughter, getting kicked out of her old school and having to go to a boarding school for monsters and people with special abilities. She struggles to fit in and make friends until a surprising event sparks her interest: several murders occur, and the town is trying to find the culprit. Wednesday takes it upon herself to catch the killer. If you are a fan of Halloween movies or murder mysteries, this show is the perfect balance of both; I highly recommend it.

Dawson’s Creek is a fictional show that follows four teens living in a small town. The main plot of the show revolves around the teens’ love lives and relationships with each other, while also blending in how high school and college affect each character’s life. Best friends Dawson Leery and Joey Potter live next door to each other and have known each other since they were younger, but tensions arise when new girl Jen Lindley arrives. Dawson’s Creek brings them through the journey of relationships with these people as they navigate through their teenage years.

Twin Peaks is another murder mystery which is set in a small town with a very eerie setting. The show starts off with the discovery of a dead body, the murdered prom queen Laura Palmer. Soon after the discovery, the FBI comes to investigate. Though the show starts off as a murder mystery, it soon branches off into exploration of the town and its strange inhabitants. The protagonists uncover mysteries in the town and paranormal double lives of the people around them.

Ultimately, no matter the genres you like, there will always be a show that is fall themed for you to bundle up and watch.

Riya is a sophomore at M-A. She joined journalism as a chance to meet new people and write about issues that she is interested about. In her spare time, she enjoys writing songs and running with her team.

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