Two Door Cinema Club Makes No Bad Decisions on New Album

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Having been at the forefront of the alternative rock scene since the turn of the decade, Two Door Cinema Club (TDCC) has released some of the best dance-rock ever made. Teased by the singles “Are We Ready? (Wreck),” “Bad Decisions,” and the titular “Gameshow,” the band’s newest album, released on October 14, continues this trend of top-notch material. Said to be inspired by the recently deceased David Bowie and Prince, the album carries a funkier feel than the band’s previous work in a good way.

Kicked off by the lead single “Are We Ready? (Wreck),” the album hosts the band’s trademark groove-oriented sound albeit with a much moodier feel than some of it’s past works. Picked as the lead single of the album for a good reason, “Are We Ready?” features changing tempos, a variety of pacings, and most importantly, an incredibly catchy melody.

While not a very adventurous departure from the band’s other material, “Gameshow” still sticks out as being decidedly moodier than most of TDCC’s other releases. Songs like “Good Morning” and “Gasoline” have very somber tones and are packed with emotion.

As far as classic TDCC songs go, the best example is “Bad Decisions.” Upbeat and groovy with wavy synthesizers and an anthemic chorus, it is the song most like something off of one of it’s previous efforts. Additionally, the tracks “Ordinary” and “Fever” are both closer to the band’s older sound rather than the moodiness of the rest of this album.

The closing track “Sucker” is by far the most somber song of the album. The only real instrumentation being eerie synthesizer riffs and a snappy drum machine in waltz time, the song evokes the feeling of a Victorian-era ghost story. One could even call it a dance-rock ballad if there is such a thing. One of the most emotionally moving songs on the album, the bluesy vocals just add to the overall appeal of the song.

Overall a very good album, “Gameshow” is a great addition to the Two Door Cinema Club catalog. Taking the band in a slightly darker direction, this most recent release is a fantastic marker for what is to be expected of the band in the coming years.

Best Tracks: “Sucker,” “Gameshow,” “Bad Decisions,” “Are We Ready? (Wreck),” “Good Morning”

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