Welcome Back Night Prevails Despite Air Quality Concerns

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Every year, leadership puts on a Back to School Dance for M-A students to welcome freshmen and give returning students the opportunity to see old friends and bond with new ones. But this year, leadership decided to do something different.

Speaking about the updates to this year’s event, Annabel Baxter said, “It’s outside this year instead of in the gym and that’s partially because it’s fun and new but also partially because so many people complained about to having to take their shoes off to dance in the gym. In a way we are trying to bring back some of the Battle of the Bands vibes from May because that was one of most attended and successful events and was super relaxed but a great way for everyone to just be spending time together and listening to music, so some of the decorations are going to be similar.”

Although there was a stated theme, Baxter said, “Like always there is no pressure to dress up- unless you go with the neon theme- or have a date or spend a long time getting ready, but the fact that it is in such a casual environment eliminates the ‘dance stigma’ from it.”

In the past, the Welcome Back Dance was a classic high school dance in the new gym for which students had to remove their shoes, and the only entertainment was a DJ. This year, leadership worked hard to completely renovate the dance and make it a fun and interactive night that everyone would be excited to attend.

In response to worries about air quality, speculation spread that the event would be moved into the New Gym. Principal Simone Kennel stated earlier today, “We are monitoring air quality throughout the day at airnow.gov. Currently, it is moderate (Air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution. )in our area. Should that change to red, we will shelter in place and limit vigorous activity outdoors. Our athletic directors are also monitoring for outdoor athletic competitions later today.”

Leadership teacher Michael Amoroso explained that the air is safe to hold the dance outside. “Right now we are in yellow, and even if we get to orange, we are still able to hold the dance,” Amoroso said. Air quality did not dip into red levels, and the night went as scheduled. Welcome Back Night was a testament to what leadership students can do at their best- they handled the unknowns and put on a wonderful event for new and returning Bears alike.

A chalk sign greeted students as they entered the green.

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