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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Opens After Renovation (Photo Essay)

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The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA) opened its doors to the public on May 14, after a three-year-long renovation. The new building designed by the architecture firm Snøhetta now provides 10 stories of art for everyone to enjoy, including film, photography, and contemporary, abstract, and modern works. The MOMA is the biggest art museum in the Bay Area; it carries art pieces from artists that visitors from around the world will enjoy, from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, to Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera.

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Below is a slideshow of a small taste of the SF MOMA if you are thinking of visiting.



“Frida and Diego Rivera” painted by Diego Rivera in 1931.


Visitors intrigued in the art pieces of the second floor of the MOMA.


The great architectural planning and design in the impressive round-shaped roof let in natural sunlight over the museum.


Visitors watching over the beautiful view of downtown San Francisco from the 10th floor.


Andy Warhol self-portrait


The 30 foot “living wall” on the third floor is made of all native plants of the Bay Area all placed strategically according to the amount of sunlight they need.


Visitors watching a film on the seventh floor.

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Bruce Nauman’s “Life Death/Knows Doesn’t Know”


Impactful captions of old photographs are in the photography level of the museum.


Tons of photos similar to these align the walls of a section of one of the photography galleries.

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