What are the Bears planning over Winter Break?

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Find out how students and teachers are spending their time

With the holiday season fast-approaching and the stress of finals ending,  Bears are getting ready to kick back and relax over winter break. From family vacations to staying home and sleeping, students and teachers alike are excited to begin this much-needed  break.

Many are looking forward to traveling  and enjoying fun experiences with their families. Looking to spend some time in the snow, junior Alexander Alburger is planning to ski in Lake Tahoe with his dad. Alburger shared, “Almost every year, I head over to Tahoe once school ends, and it’s always a great time.” 

Junior Ben Cisco will also be spending some time in the snow by flying to Utah to ski. Cisco said, “It’s something my extended family and I do almost every year. We have a large dinner, then go skiing after. I’ve been looking forward to it for the past few weeks.”

Some students are even going overseas. Junior Zach Cundy will be traveling to Japan over break. Cundy said, “It should be really interesting to visit, and I’ve heard it’s really beautiful in the winter.”

Choosing to stay closer to home, Senior Christopher Jemelian will be heading into San Francisco to photograph the New Year’s festivities. Jemelian said, “I’ve never been in the city for New Year’s and I’m excited for all the parades.” He continued, “I’ll also be staying with some friends and going out in the city a bunch, which will be really fun.”

Junior Devin Hyde is staying active over break by attending the USA U18 rugby camp in San Diego. Hyde said, “I wasn’t planning on traveling, so I thought, why not go and see what happens? It should be a really cool experience.”

Teachers are also looking forward to a relaxing break. Ethnic Studies teacher Mallory Byrne said, “I’m just going to be de-stressing from the semester and sleeping non-stop. I can’t wait to finally get some good rest.”

Trigonometry teacher Rudraigh Quattrin will be having a family-oriented break. Quattrin said, “I’ll be hosting a family Christmas dinner, celebrating my marriage anniversary, and visiting my in-laws for New Year’s. I have a lot on my plate but it’ll be super rewarding.”

Jonathan is a junior at M-A and is in his first year at journalism. He hopes to learn more about his community and issues within it. Outside of school he enjoys listening to music and relaxing with friends.

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