What Does Your Spotify Wrapped Say About You?

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When Thanksgiving ends, the “official” holiday season begins; Starbucks starts using their holiday cups, windshields freeze over in the mornings, and ever since 2016, the annual “Spotify Wrapped” comes out. It’s a personalized list of your most-listened-to artists and songs displayed in a fantastic slideshow, concluding with a personal message from your top artist.

With over 100 million songs on Spotify, there are a plethora of artists and songs to choose from, leaving the possibilities of top 5 artists endless. Students at M-A have a wide variety of music tastes, from rap to RNB to country to pop. But what do students think their music tastes say about themselves?

“I think it says that I like more chill and upbeat music. Frank Ocean has been my number one artist for the past three years so I’m for sure a loyal fan.” – Nicole Jones

“I feel like it says that I like hip hop music a lot because those are mostly my top artists. My mom really likes Coldplay, so she kind of got me into them. I’ve been to two of their concerts.” – Jack Kryger

“3 out of 5 of my artists were women, so I think that says I prefer female artists over men, and generally like more relaxed music. I mostly listen to music as I’m doing homework so it can help me concentrate.” – Sadie Scherer

“I think my music taste shows that I obviously like rap and listen to music that will make me energetic and put me in a good mood.” – Ethan Vesely

Avery is a senior in her first year of writing for the Chronicle. She seeks out stories that highlight student life on campus and runs the Galles Guide. In her free time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, often at the beach!

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