What to Do While Waiting for Hamilton

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All self-respecting “Hamilton” fans will know that the musical is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area in the spring. It is a cause of much excitement in the local fan base, however, the anticipation is too much for many to handle. The sheer excitement can be crippling, and the months of waiting to come will be nothing short of torture.

Furthermore, as the semester has come to an end, students face the unfortunate fate of three weeks of free time to wallow without distraction. School provided that distraction for the last few months; academic concerns easily masked the agony of waiting; alas, this crutch is now gone. Three whole weeks with nothing to do but stew in your state of emotional turmoil, driven to madness by your insatiable need for Hamilton and having no way to channel that energy.

Never fear, there are many ways to healthily express your love for the musical as you wait for it to come to the Bay Area. Here are a few suggested methods of distracting yourself for the coming weeks.

Listen to the soundtrack:
Duh. Seems obvious, and you probably do it every day, but it needed to be said. It’s the perfect distraction; how can you not get swept up in the emotion of “It’s Quiet Uptown” or the genius of that key change in “Say No to This”?

Get creative:
Make art or typographies with lyrics — anything visual and creative that can put your energy to good use. There’s got to be some ideas online for inspiration. Check Pinterest, and stock up on mason jars, I’m sure they’ll be useful.

Write fanfiction:
Let’s be honest, if you like “Hamilton” this much you probably like fan fiction.

Perform Lafayette’s rap from “Guns and Ships” for possibly less-than-eager friends:
Yes. We are aware that you can do it.


Read Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton:
Because owning it and reading up to chapter four and then letting it sit on your bookshelf in full view so it looks like you’re well-read and interested in the actual history doesn’t count as reading it.

Consume all other Hamilton media:
Have you read the “Hamiltome” or bought the Hamilton Mixtape? Have you watched every Ham4Ham performance? Probably. This is an easy way to expand your Hamilton knowledge or re-immerse yourself in the Hamilton world.

Consume all Lin-Manuel Miranda media:
Listen to Miranda’s first tony award-winning musical “In the Heights,” stalk his Twitter, watch his wedding video…

Mail Lin-Manuel Miranda adoption papers:
Yes you only have a few more years till you’re a legal adult, and yes you probably love your parents, but you’ve filled them all out, all he has to do is sign…

Create an escapist fantasy so you never have to interact with reality ever again and never have to deal with your problems:
Why wait for “Hamilton” when you can live “Hamilton”?

Whatever happens this winter break, remember to stay strong, and remember that it will only be a couple of months before Hamilton comes to the Bay Area. You can survive these three weeks, it’ll be okay. Probably.

Hello, my name is Kate Mulhern. I am a junior at M-A and this is my first year writing for the M-A Chronicle. I am excited to be in journalism this year and look forward to sharing stories with our community. I enjoy theater, and spend all of my free time in productions, either within or outside M-A Drama.

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