Dear Bearby: Unlucky and Un-in-Love

Dear Bearby,

There’s a guy in my math class who keeps trying to talk to me, even outside school. I think he’s hitting on me, and my friends keep saying he seems like he is. How do I tell if he’s trying to be friendly or actually into me, and, if he does like me, how do I tell him I’m not interested?

From, Unlucky and Un-in-love

Dear Unlucky and Un-in-love,

I would go with the flow! It’s always a safe assumption that he is just being friendly, and if you’re interested in a friendship, it could turn out well. However, if he is making you feel uncomfortable, you can use friendship-based words like “buddy” and “homie” while talking to him, so he gets the hint. If he doesn’t understand and confesses his feelings, you can politely tell him that you are only looking to be friends right now. If your connection is worth saving, he would probably love to be friends too.

Love, Bearby

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