Artistic Expressions Celebrates Student Artwork

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The Visual and Performing Arts Department held another excellent student exhibition on the 23rd. Each teacher selected works to be put on display in the PAC Lobby. There were several paintings, photos, and ceramic constructions, all created by a diverse pool of student artists from the Open House.

Students across all art classes participated.

“This was our 24th year of hosting this show. The first one was in 1995, and it’s a department-wide show for the ‘visual’ part of the Visual Performing Arts Department,” Visual Art teacher Craig LeClaire said. “We have an art show in each of our classrooms of students’ works for our open house night, and I select from those with some of my colleagues. They come in and we say ‘let’s put that one in the Art Show,’ so Open House is kind of like the preliminaries to get into our big Art Show in the end of the year.” He also notes that “last year was the first year we have had it on campus and it was pretty successful, so we decided to keep it here.” LeClaire hopes to “keep [the displays] up longer, as that is what we really want to do.”

Gafni’s artwork.

Senior Daniel Gafni, the second place winner in the advanced category, said “I was honestly a little surprised that the piece I submitted placed at all. I mostly put it in the show because it was a lot of fun to draw.” This passion for art and drawing led him to this honourable finish in the competition. Moreover noting, “the show was a great way to see how the other creative classes were doing at M-A.”

The Visual Art teachers who made this show possible were: Sarah Frivold, Mike Tillson, D. Craig LeClaire, and Rika Hirata.

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