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LeVant Desserts is one of the newest additions to Menlo Park, serving delicious traditional Lebanese and Middle Eastern treats. The bakery is run and owned by Maya Fezzani, who lived in the Levant region until she was ten before moving to America. 

The bakery interior, inspired by aspects of Fezzani’s childhood

“I think this is kind of my way of reliving it,” Fezzani said, “Every aspect of [LeVant Desserts] is inspired by a memory from back home. Like I have jasmine and olive trees and fountains, which are all things that I grew up around and were in my backyard.” Fezzani has infused the restaurant with her culture and says that she looks forward to sharing it with the community more. 

Fezzani went on to say, “The most exciting thing is actually sharing the culture, sharing the deserts, our food, our recipes, our flavors, our books… nothing around here compares to this, it’s very unique food for the area; all handmade from scratch as well… I like to give people a flavor of what the Levant area is about.” The counter is filled with a wide variety of sweet and savory baked goods, all inspired by Fezzani’s family recipes.  

A selection of pastries and cakes

So far, things have been going well thanks to a welcoming and receptive community. Fezzani has earned a steady stream of return customers, of whose ranks I will most likely be joining. She did say that “[Unfortunately] not many school kids come in the place because they think it’s too strange or foreign or fancy, but we have plenty of things for everyone.”

New restaurants come and go in Menlo Park, but hopefully, this one will stand the test of time (that sounds so pessimistic). Remember to stop by as soon as you can to try new food, chill with friends, get some work done, and support a local, woman-run business. 

Orange Blossom Lemonade—5$

Jaw-droppingly good, this drink is nothing like I’ve ever tasted. The tang of lemon perfectly compliments the floral blossoms, which hit you in the aftertaste. Equal parts refreshing and fun, this drink is perfect for welcoming spring.

Rose Turkish Delight—5$

Typically turkish delights aren’t my speed, but these were so cute I just had to get one. The inside was smooth and gummy with a strong pomegranate flavor and pistachios peppered throughout. The treat was cased in dried rose petals, adding a fun texture and a wonderful aroma. 

Rose Turkish Delight (front), Orange Blossom Pudding (Behind)

Orange Blossom Pudding—5$

Once again, the orange blossom flavor was the star of the show, but this time more subtly. Floral, delicious, and so creamy, this pudding knocked my socks off. You can also get coconut on top for a fun texture.

Moroccan Mint Tea—5$

Fresh mint leaves are placed into a sachet to be diffused, creating a silky mint flavor.  

Hot Chocolate—6$

I’m not too fond of it when hot chocolate is too sweet, so this was perfect, offering a complex and rich flavor that coats your tongue. At first bitter like real chocolate, it leaves a sweet taste lingering in your mouth. It smells delicious and comes in an adorable glass mug. 

An adorable cup of hot chocolate

Pistachio Baklava—5$

It was very good, the crispiness of the phyllo was maintained while still including plenty of nutty pistachio and honey. 

Cookies—free for students!

These cute little cookies have a sweet icing on top, balancing them out. Dry and short these subtly floral cookies are perfect for dipping in tea or hot chocolate, or just nibbling.

Mackenzie is a junior at M-A and in her first year of journalism. She’s interested in writing about a variety of topics, especially those concerning our community here at school. She enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, doing art, and participating in theatre.

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