Pride Week Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community With a Rainbow of Festivities

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Gearing up for Pride month, the Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) and Intercultural Leadership hosted a series of lunchtime activities celebrating LGBTQ+ individuals. Throughout the week, students could make their own Pride bracelets, attend a gallery celebrating queer artists, snack on delicious home-made goodies, and more.

Junior Shayla Carneiro making a Pride bracelet.

Monday started off strong with bracelet-making and stickers on the green. Students flocked to the tables on the Green and worked throughout the lunch period, tinkering with their bright new accessories. 

On Wednesday, GSA hosted a gallery of influential queer artists, including Frida Kahlo and Grant Wood. Senior and GSA president Lillen Montague-Alamin said, “I didn’t even know a lot of these notable artists were gay before this event, so it was pretty fun to learn about them.”

On Thursday, GSA sold rainbow waffles and meringues. These sweet little treats were fun and festive—and delicious!

Home-made rainbow meringues.

Club members handed out free cookies and other food items on Friday. Freshman Eliza Crowe helped organize the event as a part of GSA and Intercultural Leadership. She said, “It has been really inspiring to partner with more established groups such as GSA, since this is Intercultural Leadership’s inaugural year. Overall, this collaboration has been very successful and impactful, as this is pretty much the first time M-A has seen significant Pride celebrations besides the Color Run in the past.”

She continued, “It is really special to me that I’m able to provide super safe, fun, and inclusive ways to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture on campus, and I hope to see more Pride events continue into the future.”

This Pride week concluded an amazing, successful year of GSA and Intercultural Leadership events and festivities. Pride Month is coming soon, so stay in touch with other LGBTQ+ celebratory events taking place in June to show your Pride!

Mackenzie is a junior at M-A and in her first year of journalism. She’s interested in writing about a variety of topics, especially those concerning our community here at school. She enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, doing art, and participating in theatre.

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