Bear Bites: Ultimate Wingstop Flavor Review

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It’s about time Wingstop receives its moment in the spotlight. I’m sure you have driven down the road and caught a glimpse of this bright green shack, wondering what is keeping them in business. But make no mistake; this hidden treasure offers one of the best late-night bites—wings. I’m no Wingstop connoisseur; however, I know a thing or two about a good ‘ol tasty wing. So, please, let me take you on this journey to find the best Wingstop flavor in all the land. 

Wingstop offers a total of 13 different flavors—seasonings and spice levels—to coat your wings. There are a total of 13 flavors but I tried the four that caught my eye the most.

Lemon Pepper: 7/10

The dry seasoning coated on top of the crispy fried breading was the perfect texture and gave a wonderful crunch. It had a robust lemon flavor, almost resembling a lemon loaf. I found that this flavor paired best with honey mustard, but it was also great with barbecue sauce. I’d highly recommend this flavor to anyone who isn’t a fan of spice and wants a touch of citrus. 

Hot Honey: 5/10

This flavor had a mild spice level but was the saltiest one I tried. Despite what the name entails, I am disappointed to admit that I couldn’t taste any of the honey flavor. Instead, the wings just tasted mildly spicy. They were still good, but undoubtedly a letdown.

Louisiana Rub: 6/10

Afterward, I grabbed the Louisiana Rub—one of Wingstop’s most coveted flavors. Like the lemon pepper, it was a dry rub with a fairly simple flavor. It had a strong herbal taste that didn’t completely overpower the chicken. I really liked this flavor, but thought it could have used a little bit more spice. 

Barbecue: 9/10 

The final flavor I tried was the hickory barbecue. I had high hopes for this flavor, and am happy to report that I was not disappointed. It is the epitome of a traditional wing flavor and tasted great dipped in the creamy ranch. The wing just kept getting better and better with every bite, and I couldn’t get over the sweet barbecue sauce and crispy breading. Overall, this was my favorite flavor.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with any flavor at Wingstop—they’re all delicious. However, if you want to maximize your visit, I highly recommend trying the hickory barbecue and lemon pepper flavors. To infinity and wing on!

Tiffany is a senior at M-A. She enjoys writing about local events and culture on campus. She is also a member of M-A’s Dance Team and dances competitively.

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