Bear Tatas Fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness

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For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, M-A has their own Bear Tatas group, which started in 2009. Members individually raise money online for breast cancer patients, survivors, thrivers (those who overcame breast cancer), caregivers, and research on new treatments for a potential cure. 

It is currently run by M-A math teacher Rachel Andre, admin teacher Elisa Nocedal, and retired social studies teacher Christina Galliano. Each plays an important role in Bear Tatas and they all have individual reasons why they choose to be a part of the group.  

Nocedal said, “After Rosa Gomez, a parent of a student of mine, died of breast cancer in 2016, I wanted to honor her by contributing my time and energy to finding a cure and supporting improved treatment for men and women fighting to beat it.” 

Andres said, “I heard an advertisement for it in 2009 and it drew me and former teacher Ms. Galliano to join it. In 2010 they came up with the name ‘Bears Tatas.’” All teachers interviewed said they enjoy the experience, and feel like they are contributing to an important cause and making an impact. 

Nocedal said, “It would help to have more people spreading the word about our efforts.” Andres said, “Donations help a lot. We are in tenth place out of 180 teams for raising money for patients and researchers. Making your own fundraiser could also help.” Due to the increase in donations they are in 6th place as of [date]. 

Andres said, “This team impacts a lot of people and it is very important to us. What people don’t know is that there are breast cancer survivors on M-A’s staff and many people have personal connections with breast cancer. I personally lost my best friend to breast cancer in 2016.”

Bear Tatas is an important group at M-A because of its generosity and dedication to raising money for people with breast cancer. Students and others interested can support them by donating to either individual group members or to the whole team here.


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Angeleah Fayette was a sophomore at M-A in her first year of journalism. She wanted to write about issues she feels passionate about and has opinions on. She enjoyed reading, swimming, dancing, and hanging out with friends.

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