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This school year was filled with moments to celebrate and recognition of areas where we need to improve. In the spirit of reflection and growth, The M-A Chronicle asked teachers what they wish they could change about M-A.

What do you wish we could change about M-A?

Math teacher Manuel Delgado said, “I wish for a more diverse administration and more administrators of color.” 

Spanish teacher Maribel Maldonado said, “I wish all our students and staff participated in our school spirit activities. I think Leadership does a great job trying to unite the school, but there is still something missing.”

English teacher Erin Walsh said, “I would love to see more opportunities for students of all communities to connect with and get to know each other.”

Similarly, science teacher Lance Powell said, “While I like the campus being so spread out, it’s hard to maintain a sense of community with other staff members, so I wish more staff members had the opportunity to communicate more often with each other.” 

Science teacher Patrick Roisen said, “I’d make it so that it would be harder for kids to take more than 2-3 AP’s.  Kids feel like they have to take so many AP’s because ‘everyone else is’ but AP classes are challenging, and it can feel overwhelming for a student to be taking more than they are ready for.”  

“I’d make it so cell phones couldn’t be used on campus except for lunchtime,” Roisen also added. 

Athletic director and math teacher Steven Kryger said, “I wish there was more respect for the campus.”

What makes M-A unique?

M-A teachers agree that the diversity at M-A is what makes it so unique.

Delgado said, “The diverse community is what makes M-A different from other schools. ” Walsh added, “I think the variety of experiences and cultures that each and every student and staff member brings to M-A creates such a culture of celebration.” 

Powell said, “I don’t know of any other school that has such an extreme socioeconomic spectrum.” 

Roisen said, “The diversity of kids is great, and the corresponding range of opportunities that kids have here of finding someone or something that they can “fit” into and find a sense of community.  We’ve got athletics and robotics, drama and music, debate and journalism, artists and poets, and clubs focused on a whole bunch of cultures and shared interests.  The faculty is also extremely talented and devoted to the students.”

What do you dislike about M-A?

Delgado said, “There is not enough vocational education.” 

Maldonado said, “I dislike the location. Parking can get bad and I wish there were more restaurants and food places that are walking distance from campus.” 

History and AP Psychology teacher Jason Knowles said, “I find a sizable number of the school staff to be very cliquish and unfriendly. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced as a teacher and this is the sixth school at which I’ve taught.”

Roisen said, “The stress over academics at M-A. Classes should be taken seriously, but students seem very afraid to take risks because of what might happen if they don’t succeed. Failure shouldn’t be something to be afraid of, it should be something to learn from.”

What do you feel is the best thing M-A offers?

Teachers are mostly in agreement on what the best things M-A offers, including academic resources. 

Walsh said, “We as a school are always trying our hardest to make every person feel welcome and at home.”

Powell said, ”My experience as a teacher is that I have found the resources and support from the administration and colleagues to be as creative as I can in the classroom and with my subject teams.”  

Knowles shared a similar response: “M-A has many resources for mental health advocacy, which is a huge factor for our students’ overall well being.” 

Martinez said, “Academic resources; after-school tutoring; Paper tutoring; Flex Time, etc.” 

Roisen said, “Opportunities to explore and learn about new things, new people, etc.”

Angeleah Fayette is a sophomore at M-A in her first year of journalism. She wants to write about issues she feels passionate about and has opinions on. She enjoys reading, swimming, dancing, and hanging out with friends.

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