Bears At Work

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From boba shops to tutoring centers, M-A students work hard outside of the classroom. Students are already busy with academics and extracurriculars, so having a job can often add to their stress. Having a job in high school teaches students important life skills, such as responsibility and time management, and allows them to have more financial independence.

Rex Yeh

Senior Rex Yeh works at Baskin Robbins, an ice cream shop in Belmont. Yeh started working when he was a sophomore. “I got this job because I thought it would be a good idea to gain work experience and I wanted to make some of my own money,” he said. Yeh works four to five shifts a week, with each shift being around two hours. Balancing school and work is difficult for a student, especially while playing a sport. Yeh explained, “I usually try and get my school work done before going to work or lacrosse practice to avoid staying up late studying.” While working as a student can be stressful, Yeh said that there are many benefits to having a job. “Most of the staff are high schoolers, so it is fun to meet new people from other schools and work with people my age.”

Angel Lombera

Senior Angel Lombera works at Olla Cocina, a lively Mexican restaurant in San Jose. “Working helps me pay the bills,” Lombera said. Along with working and studying, Lombera is also part of a band called Los Hermanos de Oro with two friends. As the lead singer and guitarist, Lombera performs at many local events, such as M-A’s Battle of the Bands, which they won two years ago. For Lombera, it can be difficult to balance school and a job: “I just take it day by day,” he said. Although working can be time-consuming, Lombera has found a system that works for him. “On days I don’t work, I take the extra time to finish all my homework so that it doesn’t pile up later,” he explained. Working at a restaurant as a student also gives financial stability, as Lombera commented that his job pays very well.

Nicole Nieva

Junior Nicole Nieva works at the boba shop Tea it Up in Menlo Park. Nieva started working because she wanted to save money for college and make money for herself. Nieva is also on the M-A girl’s soccer team, as well as the Stanford Strikers Club. Nieva’s schedule is very busy, but she still makes time for work. She explained, “I balance my schedule by taking the time to get my schoolwork done the second I have free time so that I’m not cramming all my homework right before it’s due.” In addition to learning responsibility and time management, Nieva also enjoys working. She explained, “It is a comfortable working environment, and my bosses are very friendly.”

Eesha Sinha

Sophomore Eesha Sinha works as a tutor at Mathnasium, which focuses on strengthening students’ math skills. Sinha is also an athlete who plays on the M-A girls’ tennis team. “I like helping people and interacting with younger kids, and Mathnasium allows me to do both,” Sinha explained. By having a flexible job, Sinha can feel more confident about managing her time well. “I prioritize finishing homework as soon as possible, and I try to save the least amount of homework for the days I am tutoring,” she said. As a sophomore, Sinha is getting working experience early, which will prepare her for the challenging years to come.

Charlotte is a senior in her first year of journalism. She writes food reviews and sports stories. Charlotte is the Captain of the M-A lacrosse team, a member of the 12th man club, and a coach for youth lacrosse. She is excited to write more stories on school events and activities.

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