Breaking News: Police Update After Friday Incident

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This is an update from Atherton Police Commander Dan Larsen on the police incident described in this article.

“Atherton PD was dispatched to M-A following a call for service when a subject was reported to have pushed a school administrator against a wall and yell homophobic slurs at him. Rather than cooperate, the subject walked away from police and resisted. The officers on scene grabbed the subject’s shirt to prevent his escape and the subject continued to pull away and fell to the ground. Once on the ground, the officers placed him into handcuffs. Charges are being filed against the subject for battery on a school official and a hate crime. What was captured on video is the tail end of the incident.”

Update, May 3rd: The police department released a more information on this incident. According to their news flash, “This incident is being reviewed to ensure the involved officers’ actions were lawful and in compliance with Police Department policy and procedures.” Read the full news flash here.

Katie Doran was a senior and an Editor-in-Chief of the M-A Chronicle. In journalism, Katie enjoyed being able to direct their own research on issues and events related to the M-A community. She was also involved in M-A's debate team and was interested in law, politics, and social issues. In their free time, Katie liked to read, bake, paint, and hang out with friends.

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