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Attending the Short Story Writing Club is a fun way to collaboratively brainstorm, write, and publish short stories. While the club is based on the simple topic of writing brief stories, the activities are complex, engaging, and thought-provoking.

The president, Junior Evelyn Nassiri created the club last year for “writers to be able to condense stories they want to write, analyze specific memories or ideas, and be able to make them into a story and show it to the world.” Nassiri described the club as a great outlet for aspiring writers who want to share their ideas. “Throughout my life, I have written so many short stories, which I love to show to others,” she said.

The Short Story Writing Club also allows students to practice and perfect their writing and collaboration skills. Nassiri said, “Short story writing is an important skill because it forces you to analyze smaller moments or ideas and make it bigger. That’s important for people who want to be a writer, published author, or those who just want to write in general.” In addition, collaboration is a central part of the club, as Nassiri added, “The club is about bringing people together to brainstorm ideas that they can write about.”

Some of the activities the club offers include preparing for and participating in writing contests, brainstorming ideas and turning them into stories, and writing both fiction and nonfiction. Nassiri said, “My favorite project was a short story I wrote for a writing contest about a memory or moment in our lives that impacted me. I wrote four pages and thought it was really fun, and I added some fiction to it, which I love.” 

The Short Story Writing Club at Club Rush

Nassiri learned from her time in the club that, “I’m not the only one who wanted to put an idea they had into writing, and I was very happy and excited that others shared that passion.” 

Additionally, Nassiri believes that the club is a model for English classes, which should incorporate short story writing into the curricula more. She said, “Short story writing should be a unit in most writing classes because writing comes in many different forms, and it’s important to learn each form. Short story writing is exciting and enjoyable. Some people don’t like writing essays or nonfiction, and this style of writing is a good place to exercise creativity.”

While not everyone will become authors of long novels or journalists writing extensive articles, people can write about their passions through short story writing is a great way to write about your passions Even if you aren’t an experienced writer, the Short Story Writing Club provides the community and resources to do so. Everyone who aspires to write should consider joining, and the club meets every Thursday in G-9.

Jace is a sophomore, and this is her first year in journalism. She hopes to write about local issues that impact M-A students and beyond to provide insight on ways we can improve as a school and community together. In her free time, she reads a variety of articles relating to local, national, and international news.

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