Dear Bearby: Concerned Child

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Dear Bearby,
My parents are in the process of getting divorced and they fight all the time. They fight a lot about stuff related to me like who is going to drive me places. Sometimes I feel like it’s my fault. I don’t want to take sides, but I like my mom a lot better and my dad has been kinda annoying, especially recently. What should I do?

Concerned Kid

Dear Concerned Kid,

There is no reason to pass judgment on yourself for this tough situation. There are many factors outside of your control that may have led to the divorce, but you should remember that you are not at all at fault. As for taking sides, your feelings are legitimate no matter how you feel towards certain family members, especially during this emotional time. You don’t need to take sides if you don’t want to. Staying neutral may just look like spending time with both of your parents.

It may feel stressful to deal with change all on your own, and it can be really helpful to put your feelings down on paper, or talking to someone you trust. I would recommend journaling or confiding in a friend. Remember, you don’t have to face this alone!


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