Dear Bearby: First of 2022!

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Dear Bearby,

My mom has become convinced that I secretly have a relationship with some guy from school I barely even talk to, and now she won’t let me do anything. She keeps demanding to go through my phone and know where I am (and with who) at all times, and anytime I tell her that I’m not in a relationship she yells at me for lying to her. I don’t even know why she thinks I’m dating him?????

Hopeless Non-Romantic

Dear Hopeless Non-Romantic,

Overbearing parents can be really hard to handle. Although this is a challenging way to let you know, it sounds like your mom is trying her best to get closer to you. I advise you to try to talk to her about a different aspect of your personal life, like your friends or teachers. Letting her into your personal life in a different way might be able to halt her questions while helping you form a trusting connection.


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