Everything You Need to Know About Graduation and Grad Night

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In a year with distance learning, there has definitely been some uncertainty on what the format will be for M-A’s 2021 Graduation. The answer to that question is finally here: M-A will be holding an in-person graduation ceremony at 4pm on June 3!

Each graduate will be allowed to invite two people to the ceremony, and it will also be streamed for anyone else that would like to watch it. This format allows M-A to keep the numbers down at graduation for safety measures, while also allowing other family members and friends to enjoy the ceremony via live stream. 

Although M-A is doing its best to provide a normal graduation, there will be some slight differences between the ceremony this year versus the one two years ago. Masks and social distancing protocols will obviously be in place, shorter commencement speeches will happen, and no handshakes or hugs will be allowed. 

Along with graduation, M-A is also planning on hosting a couple events over graduation week. There will be a senior picnic and lunch during the week. M-A is also planning a senior grad night starting at 7pm and running until 2am after the ceremony. Students will be bussed to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where the amusement park will be rented out in celebration of the 2021 graduates. Tickets for the event are $130, and partial/full scholarships are available for anyone that needs it.

Cole Trigg is a senior, a third year journalist, and a first year editor-in-chief. Out of the 5 editor-in-chiefs, his main focus this year will be on writing and editing sports stories. However, he is still very excited to write and edit other stories as well.

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