Highlights from M-A’s 14th Annual Battle of the Bands

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On Friday night, M-A musicians showed off their amazing talents at the Battle of the Bands. From hard metal to soft blues, the performances were all amazing and got the crowd clapping and dancing along. Here are the highlights:

Here are the bands that performed:

Photo credit: John Mills.

“Cabre”: Emil van Hoff, Andy Knopf, Justin Williams, and Zack Wilhite

Heath Hooper, Johnny Eisenstat, Bradley Stillman, and Imahn Daeenabi

“3 Nonblondes”: Erica Miner, Nathalie Camens, and Emma Dewey

Molly Katz, Daniel Gaturi, Max Joyce, Zachery Meyer

“Above the Weather”: Neel Sinha, Zack Wilhite, Joshua Meyers, and Mason Hesse

“Band Sanitizer”: Charlie Smith, Zoe Rosiki, Alex King, Thomas Sullivan, and Zack Wilhite

“TR1BE”: Alicia Letvin, Nate Lepulu, Isaac Lepulu, Sheba Tupa, Josephine Tonga, Josh Lepulu

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