Rae Sremmurd explore their solo and collective talents on “SR3MM”

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Rae Sremmurd, the legendary hip-hop duo consisting of brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, came out with one— or three— of their best projects yet. “SR3MM” is a trilogy with three projects in one: SR3MM, Jxmtro, and Swaecation. SR3MM is the duo’s collaborative disc, Jxmtro is Slim Jxmmi’s solo disc, and Swaecation is Swae Lee’s solo disc. The reason for this complicated deal? Both members wanted to explore their solo abilities while staying together as a duo. Jxmmi said, “It’s one side saying, ‘Man, this person should go solo,’ so why don’t we just end the argument and give it to you, and then give you Rae Sremmurd so you can see why we are Rae Sremmurd and who we are as individuals.”

Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi are frequently called the yin yang— Jxmmi always raps with so much force and aggression, while Swae sings melodies with a soft voice that seems to always reach the highest notes. They complement and juxtapose each other well, and consistently create bangers full of infectious verve and energy.

On this project, we get to hear the best dimensions of Rae Sremmurd— the songs that make you want to dance and party, and the songs that are more down-to-earth, vibey, and sometimes sensual and loving.

SR3MM is stacked with some of the greatest artists— The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Future, Juicy J, and Pharrell.

“Up In My Cocina” sets the tone for the whole album: energy that harks back to their earliest style. “CLOSE” is a banger with Travis Scott. The melody and rap verses are set against an ominous beat. Other noteworthy songs are “Bedtime Stories” (with The Weeknd) and “Powerglide.”

Swae Lee has been in the spotlight consistently since he showed off his amazing voice on “Unforgettable.” His voice is clean and smooth, and he continues to evolve as an R&B vocalist. On “Swaecation,” he experiments more than he ever has. He tries out new melodies, taking risks and also refining his signature style. “Swaecation”’s best songs are “Lost Angels,” “Touchscreen Navigation,” “Guatemala,” and “Red Wine.” “Guatemala” has the same Spanish pop beat that recalls “Unforgettable.” “Swaecation” brings up good summertime vibes— on “Lost Angels,” Swae sings, “Summer’s over, let the sun in.”

Slim Jxmmi shows off his aggressive and unique flow without relying on Swae Lee for a chorus, as he has in the past.

Rae Sremmurd has always been good since their first hits “No Flex Zone” and “No Type” in 2014. If anything, they’ve refined their style, both individually and as a collective. “SR3MM” is their best project yet, and it’s clear that both members are on an upward trajectory.

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