M-A Drama Dives Into Neverland With Peter and the Starcatcher

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M-A Drama presents Peter and the Starcatcher, a play that highlights a young orphan who ultimately becomes Peter Pan. The show will run November 13 and 20 at 5 pm, and November 10, 12, 18, and 19 at 7:30 pm.

In addition to Peter Pan’s backstory, the play explores the background of other characters, including Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. The show is set in 1885 so it has an old-fashioned feel.

Peter and the Starcatcher was originally set to be performed in March of 2020, but was postponed due to COVID-19. The new cast paid tribute to the 2020 cast by mimicking that year’s poster. This year’s poster has the characters making the same expressions in very similar positions. Shadows in the background show the silhouettes of the lead actors from two years ago. Senior Jackson Bryman said, “This is the second time we have put on this show. It’s just the first time it’s being performed, because we were scheduled to perform it in March of 2020, but with COVID, it was canceled.”

The fight between Black Stache and Peter, with their respective supporters cheering them on in the background, was particularly eye-catching. This scene was very creative, for example using long blue fabric on stage to represent Peter falling into the water.

Many songs felt like beautiful church melodies. Characters would break out into song in sync, which gave the play a sense of community.

Senior Sophia Preston, who plays Molly, said, “This play is definitely unique from other plays I have been in. Regarding the production as a whole, I appreciate the ability to perform with the concept of serious play. Our director stresses the importance of going through this production as if we were children playing house. It may seem unheard of or silly, but it’s a new perspective that brings its own greatness.” 

Sophomore Kate Barker, who plays Peter, said, “I was very surprised by how much of a group effort the play was. Everyone has a role and it really is a team effort. My favorite part of rehearsing for this show has been the social aspect. We also really get the chance to step out of our comfort zone without being judged, so by the end of it, we have a personable snow that we all contributed ideas for and helped create.”

Bryman, who plays Stache, said, “I have many memories from this production, but I believe the best ones will come from performing and final rehearsals. Working with the cast and making mistakes collectively helps us realize that what we are doing is a memory in itself.”

The set’s wood planks and ladders made it feel like an old pirate ship. Characters also served as the play’s orchestra, integrating piano and drums into certain scenes. 

The lighting throughout the show contributed to its changing moods. There would be bright white lights and then colorful ones. Sometimes the lights would dim, leaving only one area of the stage lit. Sound effects sounded like sparkles twinkling—something you would hear out of a Disney movie. 

In Act Two, the characters entered as mermaids. Their pleasing costumes included fabric tails that had netting and random knick knacks attached, the latter to represent shells. Green and gold strands of fabric even hung from some characters’ hair. 

The neutral color outfits and costumes have a very vintage look. House manager and senior Nadia Ruiz said, “The director gave us a vision board and costume sketches so we knew what the outfits should look like. We had set color palettes for the British sailors versus the merchant sailors.” The language also definitely contributed to the overall feel of the play, as characters used very outdated, sophisticated words that have since gone out of fashion.

Preston said, “As I talked about earlier, we have permission to be kids again, which is always magical. I’ve been the lead role in about 10 other productions, but this one sends such a beautiful message. As the principal role, Molly illustrates a young girl who lives in a world where she has to be mature to survive. She forgets to be a child at times. I hope the young girls coming to see our show can watch Molly and remember to not grow up so fast.” 

Buy your tickets to Peter and the Starcatcher at madrama.org and support your fellow students!

Natalie Shannon is a sophomore and it is her first year in Journalism writing for MA chronicle. She enjoys writing about events and fun activities happening around school. In her free time, Natalie likes hanging out with her friends.

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