Revised: M-A Football Sneaks Past Sacred Heart Prep in Homecoming Game

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Written by Sathvik Nori and Nate Baxter

Editors note: This article was revised to add further details on the half-time incident. For more information, check out Tensions Boil Over at Homecoming Game.

After a rowdy afternoon rally, the Bears beat Sacred Heart Prep (SHP) 26-20 in the annual homecoming game. With the student section decked out in camouflage gear, the Bears capped off their fifth straight win against their cross-town rival in what proved to be a close game.

Both teams got off to a slow start. After an unsuccessful first drive by the Bears, the Gators marched down the field only to be stopped on 4th down. With the momentum on M-A’s side, the Bears scored, highlighted by a 39 yard run by sophomore Thomas Taufui which was capped off with a 3-yard touchdown run. Coach Steve Papin played both junior Raymond Price and sophomore Matt Macleod at quarterback, which proved an effective strategy. After Price led the Bears to their first touchdown, Macleod followed with a 64 yard touchdown pass, giving the Bears a 13-7 lead into halftime. 

Jayden Stanley flexes after sacking SHP QB Teddy Purcell.

Sacred Heart did not go out quietly, striking back to start off the second half with a 7-yard touchdown to senior J.P. Frimel. However, the Bears’ answered with a touchdown to Troy Franklin. After both teams traded two more touchdowns, the score was 26-20 for the Bears. As time ticked down in the fourth quarter, the Gators’ recovered an onside kick to keep their hopes alive. However, the Bears’ sealed the game with a fourth down stop.

Justin Anderson looks back at SHP defender on way to a 64-yard touchdown.

During halftime, the student section went into a frenzy when two girls wearing SHP hoodies attempted to sit on the M-A bleachers. The girls were forced to take off their hoodies by the crowd who paraded them around while chanting “FTP (F— the Prep).”  Mariah Grover, Senior and 12th Man Captain, said “I understand why people got mad seeing the [SHP hoodie] but we I didn’t support the other kids ripping it off those girls.” Senior Jake Albro, who is also a 12th Man Captain added on saying “I don’t think it was a good idea to shame her.” Albro also stated that the 12th Man “does not condone” the actions of the crowd.

Although administration had banned the 12th Man group from using the perennially popular chant of FTP, the student section widely ignored the directive, chanting it multiple times throughout the night. “I think it is kind of ridiculous how the admin tries to crack down on such small things,” said Albro, “We are all here to have a good time and it isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve talked to my friends from Sacred Heart and they don’t care or are offended by it at all.” Captain Trevor Wargo added, “Even though the admin stopped us from chanting FTP, the crowd was still extremely energetic. The game was easy money!”

The 12th man poses before the game.

The student section remained ecstatic after beating SHP. “It was really fun” said Junior Gabby Silverman, “I think the large turnout made it an even more enjoyable experience and really highlighted M-A’s school spirit.” Sophomore Ethan Bergan agreed, “The crowd seemed really passionate. It was fun to watch M-A beat-up SHP [again].” 

After the game, Teddy Purcell, SHP’s quarterback, commented “it was an amazing game, it was a great atmosphere to play in. We battled and battled and [M-A] came out on top, but our heads are high and we’re ready to move onto the next one.“

The Bears improved to 4-3 on the season and look to continue their three game win streak at Burlingame High School next Friday, October 25 at 7 pm.

Sathvik Nori is a senior and one of the Editors-in-Chief of the M-A Chronicle. He enjoys writing stories about sports, the M-A community and youth issues in general. In his free time, he loves to debate, read, and spend time with friends. He is also the Student Trustee for the Sequoia Union High School District

Nate Baxter is a junior and first-year journalist with the Chronicle. He enjoys all things sports—especially baseball—and looks forward to writing about sports and the M-A community at large.

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