Guitar and Choir Puts on an Unforgettable Performance!

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M-A held its annual guitar and choir concert last Wednesday in the PAC. Various different genres of music were represented, including a collection of Latinx, rock, and alternative music, and more!

The concert was unique from other concerts throughout the year.  While a couple guitar songs were class songs, led and conducted by guitar and choir teacher Brooke Steele, students also performed songs they had chosen and practiced in small groups. Senior Joshua Calonje-Quintero said, “It’s just a different vibe because there’s a whole scope of genres that we were allowed to explore rather than having to pick one thing. It’s really great to see all the progress we’ve made and it’s nice to see people trying things that they wouldn’t usually do. My favorite moment of the show was playing the drums, which I really enjoyed.” 

Sophomore Izzy Ethan Han said, “It was really fun. My favorite song was Lakeside Lullaby.  My favorite part of the show was that rock and roll dude. It was really great.”

Junior Valeria Barron reflected on the importance of community in the M-A music program, and said, “I enjoy building new friendships and getting to know people better by playing music together. No matter what song was being played or who was playing it, we were all supporting each other. I thought it was really great and I was glad that everyone tried their best, even if they messed up.” 

Shakira Spencer is a senior and this is her first year in journalism. She wants to spread awareness in the community. She enjoys singing, and hanging out with friends.

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