The Best Teen Dramas on Netflix

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Netflix is home to a variety of amazing teen drama series! Here are some of my favorites and what fellow Bears think of them.

Never Have I Ever

This show follows Devi, an Indian-American dorky teenager who struggles to get through high school after her father has a fatal heart attack. However, she tries her hardest to obtain celebrity status and navigate relationships among her peers.


I love this show because it’s hilarious and the characters are cringey, yet also relatable. The drama that Devi’s character goes through is entertaining, and I appreciate that the leads are people of color and the show has a positive representation of LGBTQ+ people. 


Junior Meena Alvi said, “I really like the Indian representation. I’m half Indian, and it’s nice to see how the culture is being incorporated. I also like the authenticity of the character Devi and her development through high school. It’s also super funny because it includes famous people like John McEnroe.”


This series centers on Riverdale, a small town with a dark and horror-filled reputation. 


The drama that started with the Blossom family at the beginning of the show and the thrilling nature of the show is very enjoyable.  Also, the show has a lot of mystery and supernatural events that lead to unexpected twists and turns.


Freshman Emi Cordova said, “The acting was lowkey bad, but the drama and twists are really interesting.”

Outer Banks

If you combine a dangerous treasure hunt, a lost father, and turbulent teenage relationships, you’ll get Outer Banks. John Booker Routledge (John B) is an emancipated teenager who’s looking for a lost treasure that his dad had left in search of. John hasn’t heard back from his father, but with the hope that he is still alive, John gets help from his friends to try to find the treasure.


I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Outer Banks and they were intriguing and suspenseful!


“I like Outer Banks because of the mystery, murder, and suspense,” said junior Ismael Zarate. “I highly recommend it.”


Charlie Spring meets Nick Nelson and they start to build up a friendship. Little do they know that their friendship will soon turn into a romantic relationship.


I enjoyed this series. I thought it was adorable and cheesy.  I can’t wait for season two!


“I’ve read the [original Heartstopper] comic and I enjoyed it,” said junior Luca Higgins.  “After watching the series, I thought it was very one-dimensional, as it is the experience of a white gay man, which I cannot identify with a lot. Otherwise, I thought it was just nice and adorable.” 

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