M-A Students Give Thanks on Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day, we asked Bears from every grade to reveal what their mothers mean to them. Here’s what they said.

Sabrina Watkins, Freshman:


“I have a very strong relationship with my mom, and that’s one of the best parts of my life. My mom is the hardest worker, the most down-to-earth person, and the best person at relating with others that I know. I admire everything she does, and if I could be half the person she is when I grow up, I would be happy. In short, I love my mom more than anyone in the world, and I’m so grateful that she’s in my life.”

Holly Newman, Sophomore:


“My mother is my best friend. She is the most awe-inspiring person I’ve ever encountered. She knows exactly who I am, even when I forget. I feel grateful every day that I am able to call her my mother.”

Angie Yang, Junior:


“My mom means everything to me, because without her, I wouldn’t have anything.”

Chloe Mauvais, Senior:


“My mom’s been an enormous inspiration to me ever since I was a little girl because she is a working mother. That may not sound exceptional, but it was to me, especially when I learned that other people’s mothers would stay at home and take care of their family. My respect for her has only grown in the last couple of years because I realized how much of a feminist icon she was. She worked full time and yet still found the time to come home, make dinner for her family, and help around the house. And she raised my brother and I incredibly well, so I’m super grateful for the work my mother has done for me and grateful for having her in my life.”

Shane Turner, Sophomore:


“My mother is one of the most supportive, wonderful and loving people I’ve ever met. I’m extremely blessed to have her.”

Griffin Kardos, Junior:

momimg 5

“She’s very supportive, she helps me more than I fully appreciate, even if we have arguments I know she loves me.”

Nishant Relan, Senior:


“There are just so many memories and thoughts running through my head, it’s hard to put to words what my mom means to me. When I think of my mom, I think of unconditional love, sacrifice, a constant desire to make sure my friends and I are well fed and happy.”

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