Students Support Independent Living Skills at Bracelet Sale

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During last week’s Feel Good Friday, M-A students flocked to the Green to buy gorgeous holiday bracelets handmade by students in the Independent Learning Skills (ILS). The colorful accessories were sold at prices ranging from three to ten dollars to support the ILS program and its students.

Many of the bracelets were holiday-themed

A wide variety of styles and types of bracelets and necklaces were sold by the ILS students, and as a bonus, they gave out popcorn to everyone who bought an accessory. Christy Soto, an ILS instructor who organized the sale, said that the bracelets and necklaces were handcrafted out of “all sorts of gemstones, classic beads, stretchy and wire string, clasps, and other materials used in hands-on activities. We assisted them in learning how to make different patterns so the bracelets look better and the students can express themselves while making them.”

Soto said that ILS students used this event to practice valuable skills and to give back to its supportive community. She said, “At the ILS, we help our students become more independent, so we hope with this experience that they can make the bracelets, sell the items that they’ve made, and contribute to the community.” Soto, who assisted in the production of the accessories, added, “The ILS students have had fun expressing themselves artistically, and it’s great that they’ve been getting hands-on practice with fine motor skills. It’s also fun to be out here with everyone at M-A.”

A stand displays a colorful collection of accessories

The money that was raised will have many uses to benefit the ILS students. Soto explained, “With the money that we earn, we hope we can give back to the students by going on field trips, learning about and doing different things, grocery shopping, and working on all sorts of life skills.” Soto added, “We hope this sale will help our ILS students and bring attention to our program, and also help other students get some bling.”

Soto concluded, “We hope that this event is successful so that we will be able to sell more things and do more sales and activities like this. If people really love our stuff, we hope to be back.”

Jace is a sophomore, and this is her first year in journalism. She hopes to write about local issues that impact M-A students and beyond to provide insight on ways we can improve as a school and community together. In her free time, she reads a variety of articles relating to local, national, and international news.

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