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From the iconic high-heel stilettos in the 1950s to the jelly shoes in the 1990s, shoes have always been both a function and a fashion piece. Let’s take a look at what shoes are trending at M-A in 2023! 

Nike Jordans

Junior Crystal Guerra
Sophomores Ryan Quiros and Deniz Skotheim

Having been made in 35 models, Jordans are clearly no new trend. From the iconic Jordan 1s to the stylish Nike Jordan 4 spotted all around school, it’s safe to say that Jordans won’t be gone anytime soon. Junior Crystal Guerra wears the Jordan 4s, explaining, “I’m really into sneaker culture. I wore these shoes because they stand out more.” 


Senior Derick Kennedy
Sophomores Jack Harmaan, Carey Wolf, Ben Skirboll

For many students, comfort is essential at school. From Birkenstocks to Yeezys, and bubble slides to Nike slides, these shoes can most commonly be seen paired with white socks and sweatpants—a comfy fit all around. Sporting Nike slides, senior Derick Kennedy said, “I love them because when I’m running late to school, they just slip on– it’s amazing. They’re also so stylish!” 


Freshman Chelsea Garcia
Freshman Samantha Gonzalez

Crocs quickly rose to popularity after its invention in 2002 as a symbol of comfort and individuality. Even though Crocs may seem like basic shoes, some students decorate them with colorful, eye-catching Jibbitz, accessories specifically made for Crocs. Freshman Chelsea Garcia said, “Crocs are comfortable and go with everything. A lot of my Jibbitz are symbols from Mexico.” 

New Balance Lifestyle Shoes

Sophomore Caden Lewis
Senior Dylan Carmel

New Balance shoes started to become fashionable after the release of the 990s in 1982, becoming a status symbol in D.C. street culture. Today, the 990s are still popular, along with dozens of other lifestyle shoes, including the 550s and 574s. Sophomore Caden Lewis, wearing the New Balance 550s, said, “I like the unique color style, and they can go with a lot of outfits.”

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boots

Senior Maya Been
Juniors Ava Chansari and Anjali Polu

The UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot was introduced in 2020. These have become viral after model Bella Hadid was photographed eating lunch in these shoes with scrunched-up white socks. Juniors Ava Chansari and Anjali Polu are both wearing UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boots, which are made from their signature sheepskin and hit just above the ankle. Chansari, in bubblegum pink Uggs, explained, “I love pink and these are the cutest things ever—they look like cotton candy.” 


Senior Sadie Scherer
Junior Addy McCombs

Reeboks first started gaining popularity in the 1980s starting with the Reebok Freestyle Sneakers. In fact, in the 80’s, Reebok surpassed Nike as the number one athletics brand. Their popularity then declined in the 2000s, but now from the countless pairs of off-white Club C Vintage Shoes found on campus, it is clear that Reeboks have made a comeback. In order to personalize these ordinary shoes, senior Sadie Scherer added star-shaped beads to her laces, explaining, “I put the beads on in the summer so the colors were seasonal. I chose green because it matched the Reebok vibe and it reminded me of nature.”

Chuck Taylor Converse

Freshman Willow Basta
Junior Lainey Egnal

Originally (and surprisingly) made to be basketball shoes, the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars have proven to be timeless. These shoes come in countless colors and for good reason. Many students have chosen to wear them in bright colors and cool patterns. Freshman Willow Basta said, “I got them at Goodwill for $20. I’m not a basic shoe person, and I like unique things so I love the combination of patterns. 

Jolene is a senior at M-A and this is her second year in journalism. She looks forward to writing more opinion pieces about controversial topics this year. In her free time, she enjoys running track and listening to music.

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