Teachers Give College Advice to Seniors

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Manja McMillsimg_1972
College: California State Polytechnic University

–“Get involved! Join a sorority, sports team, church group, anything to be with people.”

–“It might not be easy to make friends immediately, but give it time.”

–“Have fun, but don’t have too much fun that you forget to study.”

Linda Shloss
College: Cal State University in Long Beach Californiaimg_1973

–“Get involved! People commuting to school usually don’t get involved in campus activities. If you get involved, you can get a core group of people.”

–“Don’t be afraid to be yourself. When you start over, it can definitely be scary to find yourself. And find people who will love you for you.”

–“Be strict with yourself and go to class. A lot of people don’t think they have to go because nobody is actually forcing them. Don’t be like those people!”

Alison Sundstrom
College: UC Davisimg_1974

–“Be ready to readjust your expectations. Many people expect to get A’s and that’s really not important. Teachers have different standards than what you might be used to.”

–“Don’t forget to have fun because some people get caught up and stressed about academics. But college is also about the culture, meeting people, and trying new things. Also, make time for new adventures!”

–“Take classes that you are truly interested in. Once you graduate, that opportunity is gone.”

Loredana Spiridon
College: UC Berkeleyimg_1975

–“Take advantage of your classes to expand your knowledge.”

–“Take advantage of professors’ availability outside of class. Also, form study sessions with a group of people to prepare for exams.”

–Study abroad for at least one summer or semester. It’s a fun and great way to learn new cultures.”

Liane Strub
College: UC Santa Barbaraimg_1976

–“If there is an educational abroad program, DO IT!

–“Develop relationships with mentors. Find somebody who can guide you.”

–Find a way to de-stress. Do whatever will keep you from losing your sanity. For me that was going to the beach.”

Lance Powell
College: University of Wisconsinimg_1977

–“Don’t get a credit card.”

–“Go out and shake hands. Everybody meets each other during freshman year, so it is important to go out and shake hands even through the awkwardness. Don’t hang out with the same people from high school.”

–“If you have a fake ID, don’t keep it in your wallet.” *Note: Powell does not condone breaking any laws unless it is for a good reason.

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