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SEEDS Club Celebrates Earth Week at M-A

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The average person generates over 4 pounds of trash per day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year.

Next week, April 18-22, is M-A’s “Earth Week.” The SEEDS (Students for Environmental and Educational Development Services) club plans to create a variety of different activities and challenges for the M-A community to participate in. Members of the club hope to raise awareness of the environmental issues that occur everywhere in the world, such as climate change and air quality. The club wants students to participate in the events of the week to help them really understand the issues of the world, how they are affecting nature and animals, and how they can help fix the problems.

The SEEDS club has a core membership of about ten students at M-A, but many more followers on its Facebook page. Members meet in Mr. Powell’s room (C-0) on Fridays at lunch. Senior Beethoven Gerber is one of the club’s active members; she describes the group as an “environmentally-minded club that promotes different environmental initiatives including composting, climate change, water conservation, and more.”

The club does most of its work within the school, where the M-A community is able to clearly see its impact. Thanks to the SEEDS club, M-A has many compost bins for students to throw away their compost. Members strive to raise awareness of important issues around the community and in the world. They have performed multiple events to spread awareness. For example, they performed the “Wolf Assembly” at M-A, which included the presence of a real wolf at M-A to show students how the species is in danger due to the changing environment. The group worked with a nature-preservation organization to arrange the wolf’s visit.

Gerber explained why she joined SEEDS: “to be surrounded by environmentally-minded students and help to improve our school’s student body awareness about compelling environmental issues and be an advocate for the environment within our school and community.” She feels that the club is helping the school to be more green and address these issues.

Here is a schedule of events during Earth Week – SEEDS hopes you will participate!

Monday, April 18th is 3­2­1 Day! If you’ve never done a 3­2­1 Day, then be prepared to challenge yourself by taking a 3 minute shower, brushing your teeth 2 times, and only flushing once!

During second period on Tuesday, April 19th, make sure to come out to the PAC to see the ACE Climate Change Assembly! This exciting assembly will captivate you with its information about how climate change plays a direct role in our lives as teens.

On Wednesday, April 20th SEEDS will host an Environmental Fair on the green. There will be an info booth about veganism/vegetarianism, worm bins from Recycle Works, a eco­Wheel of Fortune from Menlo Sparks, and much, much more. There will also be live music!

Thursday, April 21st is a toughie but a goodie: Try going zero waste for the day! That means…try to use only products that can be reused, recycled, or composted!

Friday, April 22nd is Fossil Fuel Free Friday! The goal is to have as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Bike/carpool/walk to school, encourage your teachers for a day­long BLACKOUT (no lights, smartboards, etc.).

I am JR Gerber. I am a sophomore at M-A. My favorite subject in school is history, but I am always happy to try something new. I am excited to be in Journalism because I especially enjoy writing about my passions.

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