The Cheesy Chronicles: A Review of the Best Local Mac and Cheese

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Looking for a classic comfort food to get you through finals? Mac and cheese has won the hearts of many with its rich, creamy cheese and tender noodles. Join me on a tantalizing journey to discover local mac and cheese treasures! 

A Classic: The Melt 8/10

The Melt is a staple late-night bite that students can turn to for a warm mac and cheese. The Melt brings variety to the table with multiple add-ons, from bacon to fajita veggies. I ordered the “Melty Mac” and kept it simple without any add ons. This dish had an extremely gooey texture, with lots of cheese to supplement flavor. One drawback was the temperature: the dish came out steaming and took a while to cool off. The breadcrumbs on top put this mac over the top with texture, and the blend of cheeses gave a delicious flavor.

Quick Cheese: Chick-fil-A 7/10

Looking for a quick and easy mac and cheese to grab in between study sessions? Check out Chick-fil-A! The fast food restaurant typically known for its nuggets and fries is also home to a simple yet delicious mac and cheese. This pasta has a velvety texture that is met with a satisfying creaminess. The golden brown top adds a crunch to the texture. Unfortunately, in certain batches, the cheese gets rubbery toward the bottom of the container. The simplicity does add to the experience, but the inconsistency in cheese texture subtracts from its overall value.

Fancy Pick: Refuge 8.5/10

Looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate the end of the year? Refuge’s downtown location was a top hit for local Menlo Park residents before it closed. They have now moved to San Carlos, and are still serving high-quality food. While the mac and cheese is only offered as a side, it steals the show with its rich flavor. The side dish, “Aged Gouda Mac and Cheese,” stands out with its strong flavored cheese and soft taste. Not too hot on the tongue, this dish delights the taste buds with its smoky flavor. The silky texture adds to the overall experience.

A Top-Rated Hit: Capelo’s Barbecue 9/10

Since Capelo’s opened in 2021, they have been a big hit. Just a short drive from M-A, Capelo’s has so much to offer. From pulled pork tacos to ribs and BBQ plates, everything is very tasty and high quality. The mac and cheese, which is merely a side plate, shines with its flavorful aged gouda. Smoking with flavor, this dish is the perfect temperature with just the right amount of flavors in each bite. This mac and cheese is the perfect comfort meal to get you through finals week.

Sofia is a senior at M-A. This is her first year in journalism. She is excited to write about a plethora of topics that relate to the M-A community. Sofia is a part of the M-A dance team, and likes spend time with her dogs.

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