These 5 Cities have WORSE air quality than M-A does right now

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Our location— Menlo-Atherton High School, California— saw 155 on the Air Quality Index, and smoke from the Nurse and Camp fires continues to cover the Bay Area. Some cities in the world, however, deal with poor air quality every day. Ratings from zero to 50 parts per million are considered “good,” while anything above 100 is “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

  1. Mumbai, India has seen a 199 on the Air Quality Index, and has experienced a spate of hazardous air recently.

  1. Sofia, Bulgaria recorded 187 on the Air Quality Index, because of power plants releasing pollutants around the capital.

  1. Ningbo, China experienced 175 on the Air Quality Index due to massive amounts of pollutants being released in the air because of plants in the city’s chemical zone.

  1. São Paulo, Brazil experienced 163 on the Air Quality Index. This smog is a byproduct of clay extraction and transportation near this South American city.

  1. Verona, Italy clocked 152 on the Air Quality Index, due to vehicular emissions and pollution from industrial sites.

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