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Two Truths and a Lie: Experiences from Freshmen in College

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Below are two truths and one lie from current freshmen in college that graduated from M-A last year. As seniors are currently working on applications, we thought it would be worthwhile to hear about some personal experiences of what it is actually like to attend college. Make your guess, then check for the answers at the bottom!

Steven McColloch, Wheaton College11162193_578196438950787_2197905919584334263_n

  1. A freshman once used a slingshot to fire snowballs at rival dorm windows, and at public security.
  2. Some students stay up full weeks without sleeping at all.
  3. A six by six foot water balloon was dropped from a roof on passing student.

Sophi Bock, Columbia University11401403_10207027247179119_3790222207053063721_n

  1. I only have friends on my floor and almost none in my classes.
  2. I still have no idea how to study.
  3. I’m scared to talk to my professors.


Paige Muschott, Southern Methodist University11205572_842775892483458_4721263688234588139_n

  1. My roommate leaves her food remains all around the room until they get moldy of I throw them away.
  2. I watch gossip girl every day.
  3. I work as a telemarketer for SMU where I have to ask each person to donate three times regardless of their refusal or reasons.

Alex Iyer, Brown UniversityScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.45.21 PM

  1. You will have no money.
  2. You will have a crush on a TA.
  3. Dining hall food tastes good.


Nathan Orttung, Stanford University11351255_1047180671993712_4296711940261829413_n

  1. At midnight on your birthday, your dorm mates put you in the shower fully clothed and sing to you.
  2. One of my professors cancelled class to meet the president of China.
  3. The course work is harder than high school.


Jesus Ortega, Sacramento State University 12177795_843905932389257_324216311_n

  1. I saw a student in an ambulance who had been stabbed.
  2. People sleep in the library all the time.
  3. I don’t have to do homework over the weekend.


Danielle Balestra, University of California, Los Angeles10892014_910362518986213_7170328344435708168_n

  1. In the first few weeks you meet tons of people and have the same generic introduction when you meet them.
  2. It is really hard to be in a ton of clubs and stay on your classes at the same time.
  3. Lectures are huge and overwhelming as there are tons of students per class.

Gianna Prainito, Santa Clara University65949_428916013867325_412772918_n

  1. I study 25-35 hours per week.
  2. My roommates don’t steal my food.
  3. I nap every day.


Ryan Cole, Stanford University1012234_10200539003237333_1464254513_n

  1. You should always try to be the last one up to avoid missing out on any fun.
  2. You will get sick in the first month of classes.
  3. You will get tired of dining hall food after a couple of weeks.


860299_531007746930853_1336958873_oGrace Baker, University of Oregon

  1. Your roommate will be your best friend.
  2. You have a lot of additional free time.
  3. You stay up late no matter what.



(The number listed next to the name is the lie)

Steven McColloch- 2

Sophi Bock- 3

Paige Muschott- 1

Alex Iyer-  3

Nathan Orttung- 3

Jesus Ortega- 3

Danielle Balestra- 2

Gianna Prainito- 2

Ryan Cole- 1

Grace Baker- 1





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